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why the hell  didn’t i have this during philosophy ;____________;

I see somebody published the Fox News style guide.

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Use the Force: A Poem

A long time ago never died
and since the dawn
of time
man has tasted little of peace.
Entangling himself in war after war
and licking his lips at the thought of victory
over the other.
The blood from these conflicts could, alone,
fill the seas of Mon Calamari.
We are animals stretched over graves -
from one hollow victory and one fleeting happiness
to another.
The only thing over which we have ever won
is compassion and humility…
and we gave them hell.
We have burnt their tiny armies to desolation
only to inhale the smoke and crave another hit.
The broken, weak, and downtrodden -
at best after thoughts in our quest to the top
of the imaginary tower of survival.

This darkness appears to dominate our past,
and future.

Yet, it is not a mighty entity as it appears.
It is built on masks. 
Fear and hypocrisy form a thin support.
A support that when struck with honesty
passion and love 
(the eternal force of life)
will topple
leaving men held captive by its shadow
to awaken.

They will awaken and grow wings,
and those brave soldiers who were made perish
in our meaningless wars

will rise.




Anonymous asked: My friend just sent me a photo of "100% herbal, nicotine % tobacco free" cigarettes and I was genuinely wondering if it's edge break or not. They're for people trying to quit and want the feeling of smoking something but without the drugs.


They’ve done it! It’s a Christmas miracle! Thank you science!

Finally, they’ve created a way for all of us edge kids to die of lung cancer and emphysema without all that nagging withdrawal

It truly is a wonderful time to be alive

oh. my. god.



Not sure if anybody has seen Dr. Greg Boyd’s thoughful reply but here it is: http://reknew.org/2013/10/responding-to-driscolls-is-god-a-pacifist-part-i/

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I want to say something here. If you actually watch the sermon, to my knowledge, Mark Driscoll doesn’t say that pacifists are pansies. He says that Jesus wasn’t a pansy OR a pacifist. If you’re a pacifist, that’s fine, have a golden star. But don’t you dare reblog this blindly because that’s not what he said. So tired of all this jumping on the bandwagon because someone says one thing that everyone likes, and it’s not even true. 

If I’m wrong feel free to message me, but right now EVEN IF I AM WRONG,all I’m seeing no claims about ANYTHING IMPORTANT WHATSOEVER and I have no idea why this is getting reblogged. How can a kingdom divided against itself stand? Unless this is warning people about false teaching (Which it’s not, this is completely irrelevant to the Gospel message of Christ), why are you tearing down a fellow believer? Come on. Even if I’m wrong and Mark Driscoll said that, don’t go ahead and embarrass the body of Christ because you disagree. 

What if I made a post shutting you down with YOUR name on it, and it was over an issue that is completely and utterly secondary? You’d call me a bigot. So don’t be a bigot.

I’m reblogging this from blakebaggot, but I’m speaking to everybody here. It is not okay for David Fitch (even though I’m pretty sure Preston Sprinkle said this.. Awkward) to publicly shame a believer over a secondary issue and then personalize it and call him/her worldly. That’s completely unbiblical and is in fact, sin. Don’t endorse such behavior.

You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere humans?For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere human beings?" - 1 Corinthians 3:3-4

Do not cause division over an issue that is not worth causing division over. 

- Amartyrschallenge

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OK.  So I’m getting to set all this shit straight.  I’m tired of seeing this reblogged and argued over and people missing the point (from both sides):

- First of all, this quote is by Preston Sprinkle, from this blog post
- Second of all, Amartyrschallenge and everyone who agrees with him, Mark Driscoll said that:

Jesus is not a pansy or a pacifist; he’s patient. He has a long wick, but the anger of his wrath is burning.  Once the wick is burned up, he is saddling up on a white horse and coming to slaughter his enemies and usher in his kingdom. Blood will flow.

Some of those whose blood will flow as high as the bit in a horse’s mouth for 184 miles will be those who did not repent of their sin but did wrongly teach that Jesus was a pacifist.

I return to you your question:  How can a kingdom divided against itself stand? Why are you tearing down millions of fellow believers throughout history, saying that Jesus will slaughter them?

Driscoll is causing cause division over an issue that is not worth causing division over. 

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“Some of those whose blood will flow as high as the bit in a horse’s mouth for 184 miles will be those who did not repent of their sin but did wrongly teach that Jesus was a pacifist.”


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I only have one thing to add: trying to argue that pacifism is a “secondary” teaching to the message of Christ is, in my opinion, theologically flawed at best and biblically ignorant at worst. Perhaps “pacifism” isn’t the term that most would agree on, but trying to argue that Jesus’ consistent refusal to cooperate with violence and his consistent critique of all who used violence to try and solve their problems (Peter, the Zealots, the Romans, etc.) isn’t central to his Gospel is like trying to say that serving the poor isn’t central to his Gospel. Nonviolence is central to the Gospels and the message of Christ, at least from a Biblical standpoint.

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Neenah, Wisconsin by dusk.

Neenah, Wisconsin by dusk.